COINCIDENCIA—Pro Helvetia’s cultural exchange program between Switzerland and South America—has invited Alba to develop an artistic project exploring vibration and interconnectivity at a fundamental level in nature.


Check out Alba's feature in the 2018 ArtCenter South Florida's video series, Studio Shorts, directed by Dennis Scholl and Marlon Johnson.


VoyageMIA magazine has featured Alba in a thoughtful interview about her life and work.

Microcosmos is now published by Contour Editions; a global, online platform presenting works that explore sound and moving image

Microcosmos is now published by Contour Editions; a global, online platform presenting works that explore sound and moving image.

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45 Salón Nacional de Artistas (Bogota, Colombia), September 14 - November 4, 2019

Alba is one of the selected artists of the 45th Salon Nacional de Artistas, the most relevant art event in Colombia. Her work will be exhibited on La Fábula de Aracne (The Fable of Arachne), curated by Alejandro Martín, at the Tadeo Lozano University Art Museum.

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Research residency, COINCIDENCIA/Pro Helvetia (Switzerland), August 12-24, 2019

Alba’s next research trip to Geneva, Switzerland, to continue the creative process for the two-year artistic project exploring vibration and entanglement.

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Intervention, FLORA ars+natura (Bogota, Colombia), TBA, 2019

As a collaborative venture with FLORA —a renowned art institution tackling the relationship between art and nature in Bogota— Alba has been invited to intervene  four of its spaces; in an exploration of vibration as a common denominator of existence at a primordial level.

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Primitivo, Galeria Casa Hoffmann (Bogota, Colombia), May 16 - June 16, 2019

The exhibition will open during ARTBO Fin de Semana en Bogota. Curated by Asher Remy-Toledo, it presents a series of futuristic scenarios from optimist and nihilist perspectives.

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Solo exhibition, Medellin Modern Art Museum (Medellin, Colombia), December 5, 2018 - February 17, 2019

Lab 3, a space devoted to sound arts created by the Museum of Modern Art in Medellin, Colombia, has invited Alba to exhibit Polyphotony (Polifotonía, in Spanish) —an installation comprised of a set of visible sound and light sculptures, employing light as main material in a musically conceived piece.

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Residency, Civitella Ranieri Foundation (Umbria, Italy), September 20 - October 18, 2018

Civitella Ranieri Fellowships is awarded through a careful nomination and jury process to accomplished artists, musicians, and writers from around the world.

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