sounding score, 2009

interactive virtual book | installation
dimensions variable
undetermined duration
National creation grant, Ministry of Culture, Colombia, 2009
part of the high quality cultural portfolio, Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
honorific mention, Art and Culture Center of Hollywood Fifth All-Media Juried Biennial, 2011, U.S.

This virtual book, provided as both score and instrument, invites the public to experience music outside the traditional spectator role. Visitors become performers and, to a certain extent, collaborators as they define the structure (order and number of parts) of a music composition by Alba Triana. 

Below most of the book pages are interactive buttons which can be activated or deactivated in order to introduce elements into or withdraw them from the music, allowing for the construction of individual discourses within each musical section. Visitors can also navigate through the five parts of the piece by turning pages forward or backward. 

As the piece unfolds, the book shows a simple real-time visual representation of musical parameters. This supports the intuitive understanding of the composition and guides the audience in their performance of the piece. 

Sounding Score belongs to a series of works adopting the installation format and interactivity to find new ways of presenting and experiencing music. Considering that musical ideas are perceived differently when a person is composing, listening or performing, and that spectators have traditionally played a passive role, these works explore an exchange of functions present in traditional concert music: the score is also the instrument, the instrument is played by the spectator, the spectator is also performer, the performer becomes co-author, the author does not generate the piece, the piece is generated by the instrument, etc. 

Thus, these pieces promote the public’s active participation; not only because visitors put the music together, but most importantly because they are encouraged to engage their musicality, intuition and creativity throughout the aesthetic experience. 


Special thanks: Luis Fernando Henao, technical assistance. Rodrigo Facundo, visual design assistance. Juan Ricardo Forero, music piece programing. Sebastian Gonzáles, interactive interface programing.