polyphotony, 2016 - 2018

visible sound and light installation
dimensions variable
duration: 23:20 min looped 

Polyphotony, though largely conceived as a musical piece, is not audible. Instead of using sound as the piece's main material, it employs light to manipulate parameters commonly assigned to music, such as time, frequency or rhythm.

Evoking musical instruments, the installation includes a number of sculptures, each composed of a string, speaker, and tuning peg. An audio signal from a loudspeaker excites the string, and a simple sound wave is made visible on the string. This sound wave operates as a canvas in which light waves, acting as the main material for the piece, get reflected. 

All sculptures act like members of a musical ensemble, performing the same piece at different frequencies—thus, synchronizing periodically, by groups, or in tutti.

Polyphotony, Temporary Exhibition (in Spanish). Jorge Bejarano, Curator of Special Projects, Modern Art Museum of Medellin. (Spanish).
Press: María Villa, Polifotonía en el Mamm Medellín. El Mundo (Medellin), Online, December 2, 2018