music on a bound string No. 1 (natural light), 2015

vibrational sculpture
dimensions 97’’ x 55.3’’ x 20.6’’
duration: 5:30 min looped’

Music on a Bound String is a series of works making reference to stringed musical instruments. The installation includes a sculpture composed of a string held between two points. A loudspeaker emits an audio signal—which is inaudible to the audience—that excites the string, causing it to display a sound wave that transforms constantly. Natural wave behaviors and properties are manipulated in a musically conceived, visual discourse that plays with notions of inaudibility and sonic visualization.

The first work of the series explores the properties and behaviors of a visible sound wave, in order to develop musically-conceived phrases with a clear beginning and end.

The piece is divided in three sections: the first one composed by four phrases that start with discernible wave forms, blurring as they transit to the following phrase. The second section is composed by shorter phrases, gradually accelerating as they lead to the third part, characterized by a complex sound wave that becomes denser and more active as it approaches the end of the piece. Even though the work is musically inspired, it manifests in the visual realm.


Special thanks: Christian Kook, technical assistance.