music on a bound string No. 1 (natural light), 2015

visible sound sculpture
dimensions 97’’ x 55.3’’ x 20.6’’
duration 5’30’’ loop

This work belongs to a series of musical installations reflecting upon a fundamental question:

Is the act of listening indispensable in musical experience? 

Must sound travel through the air and be perceived by our ears to become music? In search of a response, this composition experiments with inaudibility and sonic visualization. Thus the ensemble is designed to visualize sound as it travels through the string, making the main sonic material for the composition visible. The piece, conceived as a vibrational sculpture, invites visitors to observe a detailed musical discourse that explores the properties and behaviors of a complex acoustic wave. The public can contemplate how the composition unfolds from a stationary point, or walk around the space appreciating how the piece is perceived differently depending on the angle of view. 

Music on a Bound String No. 1 refers to art and music as means for elevating the real. Very basic and intangible components of nature, such as waves, are used to develop a poetic discourse, making these physical elements capable of transmitting abstract, transformative information.


Special thanks: Christian Kook, technical assistance.