music on a bound string and resonating tubes, 2018

visible and audible sound installation
dimensions variable
duration: 5:30 min looped

A continuation of the Music on a Bound String series, this installation includes a sculpture composed of a string held between two points. A loudspeaker emits an audio signal—which is inaudible to the audience—that excites the string, causing it to display a sound wave that transforms constantly. Natural wave behaviors and properties are manipulated in a musically conceived, visual discourse that can be seen on the undulating cord. 

Some resonating tubes hang around the sculpture. They are sized to meet specific harmonic frequencies of the (inaudible) audio signal that excites the string. Through these amplified harmonics an audible material emerges, which is closely related to the sound that is visually manifested on the string.

The piece is an exploration of visible and hearable sound.  It plays with notions of musical perception, sonic visualization, and the intrinsic frequencies that are constantly present in all physical bodies.